Boat Nadap

Year of construction: 1965, in Vác

Constructor: Shipping Company of Vác
Capacity: 100 people
Length: 24,73 m
Width: 4,19 m
Deepest dive: 0,53 m
Drive: a Volvo-Penta APD-41 type diesel engine with a built-in Z-tribes driving-gear.

Only some know about ferry “Nadap” that one day it “flew” on River Danube. It was constructed as a hydrofoil and was introduced in the history of boat buiding named “Fecske”. What way has this still showy craft taken since it was built?

In the beginning of the 1950s the Shipping Company of Vác (later Hungarian Ship and Crane Corporation’s Plant, then Shipping Factory of Ganz Danubius) was a significant factory of the Hungarian boat building industry. The professional planning and executing departments, and the constantly developing technology meant the factory was prepared to plan high-quality aluminium boats. The management of the developing Danube Shipping Factory together with the Ministry of Transport decided on the design and production of a prototype hydrofoil in 1960. Following the lead of Gábor Fekecs as chief constructor “Fecske was built in 1963 based on the plans of Dezső Beledi in order to use it in the MAHART’s (Hungarian Shipping Company) international transportation operations. The legth of the boat was 24,73 meters and its width was 4,19 meters.Almost everything came from the USSR, including the mechanical equipment (1000 hp engine and accessories) with some local Hungarian products also being used.

The work of the boat started in the spring of 1964. It was loaded with sand sacks as a test load, and was moved continuously between Budapest and Mohács, while measurements were undertaken on board. According to the mechanic on the boat at that time, this development was out of time as there had already been two hydrofoils on River Danube by that time. These were produced in big volumes by the USSR using the advanced technology of the plane- and armaments industry. The trials were finished in the autumn of 1964, MAHART did not take the boat over from the factory, because there was neither money nor enthusiasm left for the project. The boat’s wings were detached, a new engine was constructed for it and it was reborn under the name “Nadap”. Then it was given to SZOT, who used the boat on Lake Velence. Since then the “Nadap” has been working here, as a 100-people capacity wingless boat produced in Hungary. The “Nadap”‘s present owner and operator is Lake Velence Development Non-profit Ltd. Our company  refurbished the boat with the support of the state and our own resources to give it a modern and environmentally friendly engine and generator.

Boat Agárd

Year of construction: 1964, in Horány

Constructor: Pest County Shipping Company
Capacity: 50 people
Length: 11,91 m
Width: 3,0 m
Deepest dive: 0,55 m
Drive: a Volvo-Penta APD-31 type diesel engine with a built-in Z-tribes driving-gear.

Ferry Gárdony

Year of construction: 1985, in Horány

Constructor: Pest County Shipping Company
Capacity: 40 people
Length: 14,3 m
Width: 3,25 m
Deepest dive: 0,48 m
Drive: an ANDORIA type four-stroke diesel engine with traditional spindle.

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