Our rent-a-boat services provides with the exclusivity and flexibility which is not always abailable on the scheduled boat trips. If you want to see more than on the scheduled trips or you just simply want to exclusively use the boat than the renting of a boat is the best solution for you. In case of groups it is also worth to consider that renting a boat can provide you with a better expereince, higher quality service at a lower price per person.

Our company has three boats, of which the two smaller ones have a capacity of 40 (the “Gárdony”) and 50 (the “Agárd”) whilst the biggest boat (the “Nadap”) is of 100 passangers. “Nadap” and “Gárdony” are fully covered so these boats are also perfect choices even in rainy weather. Meanwhile „Agárd” is an open boat which is the best selection if the weather is hot. On the board of “Nadap” 220V network, refrigerator, snack bar and toilet are also available.

The boat rent fee includes a guided tour about the wildlife of the Lake Velencei but please send us a request when you reserve the boat tour.

Hourly boar rent prices:

  • “Nadap” for max.100 passengers: HUF 45.000 including VAT.
  • “Agárd” and “Gárdony” for max 50 and 40 passengers: HUF 35.000 including VAT.

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